Optimise production capacity

Maximise production and working life.
- 24-hour on-site guarantee
- Regular maintenance
- Operating guarantee
- Tailored contracts

A service contract with Revelop is your guarantee of maximum production availability and minimum downtime. It is also the most financially advantageous option for maximising the working life of every machine you own. You can concentrate your expertise on production, while Revelop focuses on keeping your machines running.

We have the resources to service all makes of ancillary equipment that are used within the plastic industry. And, since we are independent from any brand you can rely on us picking the best components for your equipment in every situation.

Benefits with Revelop


    A fixed service cost gives you complete control, for simplicity and reassurance. Well-serviced machinery means reduced operating costs and lower energy consumption. When equipment delivers optimum performance it also means you need a smaller production workforce.


    Scheduled servicing is carried out by certified Revelop technicians, who can also be on hand at short notice if you have an unexpected stoppage.


    Revelop will ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards using the correct spare parts, and that equipment is serviced professionally.


    Preventative maintenance results in fewer unplanned production stoppages and more time for production. This means less waste and fewer rejects thanks to more accurate process control and a more uniform production flow. Equipment that runs smoothly also requires less frequent adjustment and shorter setting up times.